Saturday, March 31, 2012


Lance Star: Sky Ranger Author Bobby Nash was recently interviewed by Jessica Lay for her Jess Resides Here blog. They discuss everything from Bobby’s latest work, the art of making covers, and what types of books he likes to read.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Author Bobby Nash joins Art Sippo and Ric Croxton in the latest episode of The Book Cave podcast to talk his latest novel, Deadly Games. This episode we are trying something new. At the end of the interview we will do a spoiler alert so that everyone who has not read the book will know that everything from then on will be spoilers. If you have read the book and have questions about certain parts, like Ric did, you will now have the answers. If you have not read the book, please stop the podcast when we give out the spoiler alert. This is a book that you will want to reread after hearing the spoiler section.

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Monday, March 26, 2012


I had an absolute blast at the MidSouth Con 30 convention in Memphis, Tennessee this past weekend. I just wanted to say a special thank you to the MidSouth Con (especially Carlin & Co.) for inviting me out to be a part of the fun. The fans were enthusiastic and fun to talk with (some even bought some books, which was nice), the panels were fun, and you guys kept me in water and Mt. Dew all weekend, which was almost a full-time job unto itself.

I had a fun time traveling with my pals, Sean Taylor, Mark Maddox, and Anthony Taylor. Laughing along with these guys made the long drive seem a lot shorter.

As expected, the con’s guests were great (too many to mention everyone, but special hey-howdy’s to John Hartness, Van Allen Plexico, Tommy Hancock, Stephen Zimmer, Elizabeth Donald, Barbara Friend Ish, Alan Gilbreath, Glen Cook, J. F. Lewis, Jackie Gamber, Michael D'Ambrosio, Lin Workman, Roland Mann, Eddy Zeno, Mitch Faust, and more I’m sure my sleep-addled brain has forgotten to mention.

I had a great time and I look forward to visiting the Mid South Con again.


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Friday, March 9, 2012

SHAKING THE SIX DEMON BAG: Six Extremely General Questions With Bobby Nash

Author Joshua Reynolds interviews author Bobby Nash for the Shaking The Six Demon Bag interview series on his Hunting Monsters blog.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Cover rough by Felipe Echevarria
Airship 27 publisher, Ron Fortier unveiled the cover artist and cover sketch for the fourth volume in the highly popular Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthology series.

Mock up with logo
The cover sketch by Felipe Echevarria included with this entry is just a tease of the upcoming painted cover, which depicts a scene from Bobby Nash’s story from this volume called “Ring of Fire.”

Lance Star: Sky Ranger vol. 4 includes stories from New Pulp Authors Bobby Nash, Andrew Salmon, Tom Novak, and Sean Taylor. Edits by Ron Fortier. Production design by Rob Davis. Cover by Felipe Echevarria. Interior art by Scott "Doc" Vaughn.

Look for Lance Star: Sky Ranger vol. 4 coming from Airship 27 Productions.

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Lance Star: Sky Ranger volumes 1, 2, & 3, and the Lance Star comic book "One Shot!" are still available. Look for links on this site.