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The Pulp Super-Fan, Michael R. Brown looks at All-Star Pulp Comics at ThePulp.NetYou can read the full article here.

From the site:
All-Star Pulp Comics, published by Redbud Studios, has new black-and-white comic stories of original and New Pulp characters. Three issues are out so far, available in digital and hardcopy versions. The first two issues can be obtained from IndyPlanet, while the third is on Amazon.

You can read the full article here.


This massive comic one shot features 58 pages of wall to wall pulp adventure in graphic form. Seven old and new pulp heroes as written by today’s most exciting new pulp writers and brought to glorious graphic reality by super talented artists.

Here are the Green Lama, Domino Lady, Jim Anthony Super Detective to name only a few. The volume also contains the very first ever comic book adventure of Barry Reese’s highly popular hero, the Rook. The color cover features the Green Lama & the Domino Lady by Jeff Butler.

Secret agent X
Stories include:
•Green Lama by Adam Garcia & Mike Fyles
• Jim Anthony by Erwin K. Roberts & Pedro Cruz
• Black Bat by C. William Russette & Wayne Beeman
• The Blue Lady by Sean Taylor & James Ritchey III
• The Rook by Barry Reese & Craig Wilson
• Secret Agent “X” by Bobby Nash & Jeremy McHugh
• Domino Lady by Percival Constantine, Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
• Cover by Jeff Butler

A collection of stories in varied styles from retro to new age digital painting here comes a collection of Pulp Age characters in comic storytelling- some in that form for the very first time. New Pulp writers and artists bring you stories with fists flying and action galore. Join the fun in ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1.

Bringing together some of the most intriguing characters from the Golden Age of the Pulps in comics form- some for the very first time!

AIRSHIP 27 PRESENTS: ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1 can be purchased at the following:
Indy Planet (paperback)


A Pulp Adventure Comic Book
(Portion of Profits Goes to Boston Red Cross)

Airship 27 Productions has once again teamed with Redbud Studio comics to release the second in their on-going pulp comics anthology.  The first giant issue in this series won the coveted Pulp Ark Award for Best Pulp Comic of 2010.

Volume two of the series, co-edited by creators Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, is even bigger than that stellar premier issue.  Contained here are eight stories featuring both modern and classic pulp heroes; Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord, the Black Bat, Cain, Robin Hood, Lance Star, Brothers Bones, Dillon and Domino Lady. 

The cover is by Will Meugniot and features Ki-Gor’s lovely mate, Helene, battling back to back with Derrick Ferguson’s modern day adventurer, Dillon.  Other creators represented are Russ Anderson, Fortier, Davis, Ian Watson, Thomas Deja, Michelle Sciuto, Sean Taylor, Aaron Meade, Todd Jones, Lee Oaks, James Gaubatz, Van Plexico,
Andrew Salmon and Kelly Everaert. 

Lance Star: Sky Ranger
The book is available from Indy and part of the proceeds are being donated to the Boston Red Cross.  “We were the last stages of assembling the book,” explains Editor Foriter, “when the Patriots’ Day bombings occurred in Boston.  All of us, like the rest of the country, were in shock and felt helpless to do anything.”  It was writer Van Plexico who contacted Fortier about possibly offering some of the sales proceeds to help those injured in the terror attack.  “The second Van brought up, I knew it was something we had to do,” Fortier continues.  He contacted Davis and all the creators and the decision was made to take all the profits earned by the book during its first six months in print and donate them to the Boston Red Cross.

“We truly hope our fans, when they learn of this idea, will want to rally around a truly good cause and help us put sales over the top,” adds co-editor Rob Davis.  “We really want this to be the best selling title Redbud Studio has ever produced.”

AIRSHIP 27 PRESENTS: ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1 can be purchased at the following:
Indy Planet (paperback)


A Pulp Adventure Comic Book

Airship 27 Productions in conjunction with Redbud Studios is thrilled to announce the release of  ALL STAR PULP COMICS # 3.  “We’re thrilled to offer up another great collection,” says Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier, “comic strip adventures of classic pulp heroes. The contents in this third volume is really eclectic representing a wide variety of pulp genres by some of the finest writers and artists in the graphic world.”
Lance Star: Sky Ranger

The eight featured stories include :

“Sinbad and the Isle of Stone”
Scott “Doc” Vaughn

The Black Bat in “Blind Justice”
Ron Fortier and Eric Johns

The Purple Scar in “Breaking Point”
Percival Constantine 
and Carl Yonder

Lance Star Sky Ranger in “Gods of the Molten Sea”
Bobby Nash 
and Rock Baker and Jeff Austin

Mars McCoy Space Ranger in “Crazy Horse”
Mike Baron (with Ron Fortier) 
and Eric Hurley and Warren Montgomery

The Crimson Mask in “Killing Rain”
Aaron Smith 
and David Nehaus

The Moon Man in “Dance of the Black Flamingo”
Michael Leonard 
and James Lyle and Greg Keyzer

The book has a cover by Rob Davis with colors by Warren Montgomery and features the Moon Man battling side-by-side by Lt. Betty 12 from the Mars McCoy Space Ranger pulp series. 

AIRSHIP 27 PRESENTS: ALL-STAR PULP COMICS VOL. 3 is available at the following retailers:
Amazon (paperback)

About Lance Star: Sky Ranger “Gods of the Molten Sea”:
Written by Bobby Nash with art by the superstar team of Rock Baker and Jeff Austin:
It started out as a simple supply run to a scientific camp on a small volcanic island. The last thing Lance Star and Buck Tellonger expected was to be captured by an angry local cult as the latest sacrifice to the local Gods of the Molten Sea. Can Lance and Buck rescue the science team and escape before the volcano erupts and kills them all?


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The Pulp Ark Awards Have Returned!
Vote Today!

Pulp Ark, a convention focusing on New Pulp Fiction and Culture, was held from 2011 to 2013. In 2015, Pulp Ark returned as a major component of the River City Comic Expo in Little Rock, AR. A primary part of Pulp Ark for its first three years were The Pulp Ark Awards, fan voted awards for Genre Fiction defined as New Pulp.
According to Tommy Hancock, founder and coordinator of Pulp Ark and the Awards, The Pulp Ark New Pulp Awards are continuing in 2016 and will be awarded at the River City Comic Expo June 11-12, 2016 in Little Rock, AR.
“It feels right,” says Hancock, “to return the Awards to their association with Pulp Ark, especially with the successful return of the convention in a slightly new form in 2015. We’ve reviewed the slate of awards given in the past and have reduced the number for a variety of reasons, and although we may add removed awards back or even new categories at a later date, we feel like the awards offered are comprehensive for the state of New Pulp today. Pulp Ark was conceived to bring the best and brightest creators to the public’s attention and the Awards proved then and will again prove to be one of the best possible ways to do just that.”
Nominations for the 2016 Pulp Ark New Pulp Awards are now open and will close at 5 PM CST on February 1, 2016. Anyone can nominate in any of the available categories for work that was published in 2015, either in print, ebook form, or in an established internet venue, such as an e-magazine. Postings on personal blogs do not qualify.
All nominations that are made that fit the qualifications of New Pulp will be placed on the final ballot, regardless of the number of nominations any one work or individual receives. NO CREATOR MAY NOMINATE HIM/HERSELF OR HIS/HER WORK FOR A PULP ARK NEW PULP AWARD. Publishers may, however, nominate works from their own publishing houses as long as the Publisher is not a writer or artist involved in the nominated work. This is also a change from previous years.
To determine if a work or creator qualifies for these awards the definition for works that qualify is as follows-New Pulp is fast-paced, plot-oriented storytelling of a linear nature with clearly defined, larger than life protagonists and antagonists, creative descriptions, clever use of turns of phrase and other aspects of writing that add to the intensity and pacing of the story.
Hancock also states, “Every year we held the awards, we received nominations that, due to the subjective way that New Pulp is defined, might be questionable in terms of qualifying as New Pulp. As we have done in the past with the Awards, there will be a selected committee of 4-5 New Pulp creators who will, when such questions arise, be consulted to determine inclusion of said work as a nomination.”
The only works eligible for the 2016 New Pulp Awards are those produced between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Anyone can make a nomination and anyone that makes a nomination will receive a ballot on February 2nd and voting will be open until 5 PM CST on February 17, 2016. Also, ballots will be posted on the Pulp Ark New Pulp Awards 2016 Facebook page and available for anyone who wishes to cut and paste and email the ballot to Each ballot must contain a link to a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an email profile, or some other verifiable source by which the identity of the voter can be affirmed.
In the past, the Pulp Ark Awards were physical plaques presented to each winner. The final form of the 2016 Awards has not be determined at this point, but a physical award of some sort will be given to each winner.
The Categories open for Nomination until 5 PM CST February 1, 2016, are as follows.
Only One Nomination allowed per person per category in-
1. Best Novel (This includes E-books as well as print books and length must be 40,000 + words)
2. Best Collection/Anthology (This includes single author story collections and multi- author anthologies. This includes E-publications as well as print books)
3. Best short story (this includes stories that appear in short story collections, anthologies, magazines, and e magazines. If from an e-mag, the story must appear on a site identified as an e-magazine, not simply be posted on a site or blog. It includes e-publications as well as traditionally printed works. Length must be 17,500 words or less.)
4. Best Novella (this includes stories that appear in short story collections, anthologies, magazines, and e magazines. If from an e-mag, the story must appear on a site identified as an e-magazine, not simply be posted on a site or blog. It includes e-publications as well as traditionally printed works. Length must be 17,500- 40,000 words)
5. Best Cover-(This is restricted to prose book publications, including e-books)
6. Best Artist (This reward refers to the artist only and any artist with work published in New Pulp works, including novels, short stories, magazines, e-publications, and covers or interiors as well, in 2015 is eligible).
7. Best Author (This reward refers to the author and any author with work published in 2015 is eligible, including novels, short stories, etc. This includes e-publications as well).
8. Best New Writer (To be nominated, a writer must have been published for the first time in the pulp field in the calendar year of 2015. This includes e-publications as well).

Send all nominations or any questions to

Sadly, there's nothing Lance star: Sky Ranger related eligible this year, but we're already prepping for next year.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Come out and meet Lance Star: Sky Ranger author Bobby Nash and some other cool guests this weekend at AthCon in Athens, Georgia. This is Bobby's first con of 2016 and we hope you'll join us for a fun weekend, January 16 - 18. Learn more at

Bobby will be posting photos to social media from the event through Instagram, which will filter through to Facebook and Twitter. Please follow along at those sites. He will make sure to tag the posts with #AthCon.

Also on hand will be artist Mark Maddox, who did some design work on Lance star: Sky Ranger volume 2 as will several other really cool creators. You won't want to miss it.

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It's never to late for an adventure! Lance Star: Sky Ranger volumes 1 - 4
are still available in paperback & eBook from 
Airship 27 Productions.
Lance Star: Sky Ranger author Bobby Nash created some new ads to promote his stories appearing in volumes 1 - 4 of the lance Star: Sky Ranger anthology series from Airship 27 Productions as well as the upcoming novel from Airship 27 and the One Shot! comic from BEN Books to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series in 2016. We wanted to share them with you here. Please, feel free to share at your leisure if you desire.

Oh, look for some Lance Star: Sky Ranger projects to hit shelves in 2016. We've got some cool stuff ready to launch.

Stay tuned.


A Pulp Anthology published by Airship 27 Productions.
Featuring stories by Bobby Nash, Frank Dirscherl, Win Scott Eckert, & Bill Spangler. Cover & Illustrations by Rich Woodall

A Pulp Anthology published by Airship 27 Productions.
Featuring stories by Bobby Nash, Aaron Smith, @vanallenplexico, & David Walker. Cover by Shane Evans. Illustrations by Rob Davis & Mark Maddox

A Pulp Anthology published by Airship 27 Productions.
Featuring stories by Bobby Nash, Bernadette Johnson, @vanallenplexico, & @seanhtaylor. Cover & Illustrations by Shannon Hall

A Pulp Anthology published by Airship 27 Productions.
Featuring stories by Bobby Nash, Andrew Salmon, Jim Beard, & Sean Taylor. Cover by Felipe Echevarria. Illustrations by Scott P. “Doc” Vaughn

Hey, kids! Comic! Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" by Bobby Nash and artist James Burns
Lance Star has to choose between revenge and the mission? He's only going to get one shot at this. Which path will he pick?

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Lance Star: Sky Ranger in 2016, Airship 27 Productions presents "Cold Snap!" the first Lance Star: Sky Ranger novel by award-winning Author Bobby Nash.

Stay tuned to and for details and cover reveal as soon as they are available.

Happy flying!