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Author Mark Bousquet interviews Lance Star: Sky Ranger author Bobby Nash at Atomic Anxiety. They talk about everything from the writing process, Bobby’s novels, podcasting, those exciting Pulp Ark Award wins for Bobby and The Ruby Files, and much more. There is also an excerpt from Bobby’s story from the award-winning The Ruby Files Vol. 1 you won’t want to miss.

Check out Atomic Interview #3: Talking THE RUBY FILES and the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards With Bobby Nash at

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Smells like pulp to me.
Lance Star: Sky Ranger author Bobby Nash sat in with David Wood and Alan Baxter on the latest episode of the ThrillerCast- The Podcast for Readers and Writers of Thrillers podcast. They talked about writing in general and also discuss the New Pulp book market and take a look at the definitions of pulp and New Pulp as well as what it takes to write a pulp yarn.

You can listen now at

ThrillerCast Episode 66- New Pulp with Bobby Nash

In this episode, David and Alan discuss "New Pulp" with Bobby Nash. We also take Random House to the woodshed for their new digital-first publishing contracts. More important, however, is the fact that Al finally bought a decent microphone. Woo hoo!

Our guest is author Bobby Nash.

What is the current state of "New Pulp?" Is it still alive and well, or is it on the decline?

What is New Pulp? Can it be defined? What are the common characteristics?

How has e-publishing driven New Pulp?

Story length and pacing.

Who is writing or publishing New Pulp right now?

Who are some of the "classic" pulp writers?

What's happening with Bobby's work?

Nominated for Pulp Ark and Pulp Factory awards. Other writing projects. Comics and screenplays.

Writing for comics vs writing prose.

Advice for writers- if you want it to be your job, treat it like a job!


Thanks again to David and Alan for having me on the show. It was a fun conversation. You should give it a listen. Here’s the link to listen to ThrillerCast Episode 66:


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Lance Star and The Crown of Genghis Kai, a 10-part webstrip by Bobby Nash and James Burns begins tomorrow at New strips will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Click for larger view.
Part 1: March 18
Part 2: March 20
Part 3: March 22
Part 4: March 25
Part 5: March 27
Part 6: March 29
Part 7: April 1
Part 8: April 3
Part 9: April 5
Part 10: April 8

Catch you in the air.



Soon to be serialized as a webcomic at and in print in August 2013 is Lance Star: Sky Ranger in "The Crown of Genghis Kai" by Bobby Nash and James Burns, the creative team behind lance Star: Sky Ranger “One Shot!”

Launching March 2013.

Keep watching this space for more.

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It is rare to find Lance Star: Sky Ranger writer, Bobby Nash at a loss for words, but that’s exactly what happened after the list of winners of the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards was posted at All Pulp last week. "It took a while for the news to sink in, and even now I don’t think it’s really hit me completely yet," Nash said in a statement on his website. "After years as a working writer I can now add the title “Award Winning” before my name, which is pretty darn cool, let me tell you."

The full list of winners is below, including several talented creators, all of whom deserve a hearty congratulations. He also wanted to highlight Bobby's win as well.


Says Bobby of his win:
This was the one that really floored me. I knew I had been nominated, but quite frankly I never expected to win this one. I mean, there were a lot of incredibly talented creators nominated. When I read through the list of winners and saw my name listed here all I could hear was the cartoon-ish sound effect of my jaw hitting the floor like it was made out of lead.

I really don’t know what to say except Thank You to everyone who voted for me. Thank you to everyone who has read one (or more) of my stories. Thank you to the fantastic people I’ve gotten to meet as a result of the books I’ve been privileged to work on. Thank you to the publishers and editors who have hired me and helped me to (hopefully) become a better writer. I’m sure I’ll be able to string together better words once the shock wears off, if it ever will. And finally, thank you for reading through my frantic musings here. My brain is bouncing from one thought to another faster than I can keep up. Might be time to lay off the Mt. Dew for the night, I guess.

The Pulp Ark Awards will be handed out at the Pulp Ark Convention in Springdale Arkansas on the evening of Saturday, April 27, 2013. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the entire weekend, but I am planning to be there on Saturday during the day and into the evening.

Thanks again and congratulations to all the winners.



Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and Pulp Ark Coordinator, announces that voting has closed for the open nomination 2013 Pulp Ark Awards.   The Winners of the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards are-

Best Novel-
Die Glocke by Barry Reese in The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2: Die Glocke published by Pro Se Productions

Best Novella-
The Lone Ranger: Vendetta by Howard Hopkins published by Moonstone Books

Best Collection/Anthology-
The Green Hornet: Still at Large by Various published by Moonstone Books (edited by Lance Star: Sky Ranger author Win Scott Eckert)

Best Short Story-
Lucky by Tommy Hancock features in Night Beat: Night Stories published by Radio Archives

Best Cover-
The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2 by George Sellas published by Pro Se Productions

Best Interior Art-
The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2 by George Sellas published by Pro Se Productions

Best Pulp Revival-
The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage by Will Murray published by Altus Press

Best New Pulp Character-
Rick Ruby created by Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor as featured in The Ruby Files Volume 1 Published by Airship 27 Productions (created by Lance Star: Sky Ranger authors Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor)

Best Pulp Comic-
The Shadow published by Dynamite Comics

Best Pulp Magazine-
Pro Se Presents published by Pro Se Productions

Best Author-
Bobby Nash
(Lance Star: Sky Ranger author)

Best New Author-
Jim Beard

Bobby Nash & Lance Star
“The voting this year,” Hancock noted, “was exciting since it involved so many different creators, works and publishers.  Six different publishers are represented in the final tally, with both the Best Author and Best New Author winners being writers for various publishers in 2012.”

The Pulp Ark Lifetime Achievement Award, according to Hancock, is still being determined by the select committee chosen to give the honor to an individual who has done considerable work in furthering Pulp in his/her lifetime.

The awards, 8X10 engraved wooden plaques, will be awarded at Pulp Ark 2013 in Springdale Arkansas , the evening of Saturday, April 27, 2013. Hancock stated that all winners as well as nominees are encouraged to attend, but any winners who could not would receive their awards by mail. Pulp Ark thanks all who nominated, all who voted, and congratulations to all the nominees and especially to the winners of the Pulp Ark 2013 Awards!

For any questions concerning Pulp Ark, contact Hancock at or follow Pulp Ark news at