Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Griffon Battles the Terror and the Viper—on Kindle!

Lance Star: Sky Ranger author, Van Allen Plexico, has released a collection of stories featuring air Ace Kerry Keen: The Griffon, including his tale from Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 2.

Pres Release:

Two Titanic Tales of Adventure in One Package, from Van Allen Plexico

Who is… the Griffon?? 

When criminals, saboteurs and foreign agents threaten America’s security, millionaire ballistics expert Kerry Keen takes the controls of his custom-built, heavily-armed seaplane, the Black Bullet, as the dashing Griffon!

With mechanic/co-pilot/butler/chauffeur Barney O’Dare at his side, the Griffon strikes from a hidden hangar on Long Island Sound and delivers swift and often brutal justice to those deserving of it.  Sought by the authorities for his ruthless vigilante tactics, he must constantly avoid both the wrath of his foes and the long arm of the law.

In these two new adventures by award-winning and best-selling New Pulp author Van Allen Plexico (SentinelsLucian), the Griffon squares off against Nazi agent The Terror and his horrifying new secret weapon that could tilt the balance Germany's way in the coming war—and then battles The Viper, a vengeance-seeking SS officer leading a squadron of missile-launching rocket-planes!

“The Griffon is such a terrific character,” says Plexico, “and I’m happy that White Rocket can offer readers what is essentially a two-part adventure together in one package for the first time.  Fuel up the seaplane and get ready for takeoff—the Griffon flies again!”

In these two power-packed adventures, here are just a few of the real-life machines you will see in action:
Sikorsky 1-S38 flying boats
DKW F5 Meisterklasse and Dusenberg sedans
Bachem Ba-349 rocket planes
Henschel Hs 217 Föhn unguided air-to-air rockets
Messerschmitt Bf 109 W seaplanes
Curtiss P-36 Hawk fighter planes
Chatellerault MAC 34 high-powered machine guns

Originally appearing in LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER Vol 2 (Airship 27) and NEW ADVENTURES OF THE GRIFFON (Pro Se), this 2-in-1 Kindle edition from White Rocket Books collects the two parts of Van Allen Plexico's epic tale of the high-flying GRIFFON into one e-book for only $2.99.

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