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Cover: Rob Davis, colors: Warren Montgomery
A Pulp Adventure Comic Book

Airship 27 Productions in conjunction with Redbud Studios is thrilled to announce the release of  ALL STAR PULP COMICS # 3.  “We’re thrilled to offer up another great collection,” says Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier, “comic strip adventures of classic pulp heroes. The contents in this third volume is really eclectic representing a wide variety of pulp genres by some of the finest writers and artists in the graphic world.”

The eight featured stories include :

“Sinbad and the Isle of Stone”
Scott “Doc” Vaughn

The Black Bat in “Blind Justice”
Ron Fortier and Eric Johns

The Purple Scar in “Breaking Point”
Percival Constantine 
and Carl Yonder

Lance Star Sky Ranger in “Gods of the Molten Sea”
Bobby Nash 
and Rock Baker and Jeff Austin

Mars McCoy Space Ranger in “Crazy Horse”
Mike Baron (with Ron Fortier) 
and Eric Hurley and Warren Montgomery

The Crimson Mask in “Killing Rain”
Aaron Smith 
and David Nehaus

The Moon Man in “Dance of the Black Flamingo”
Michael Leonard 
and James Lyle and Greg Keyzer

The book has a cover by Rob Davis with colors by Warren Montgomery and features the Moon Man battling side-by-side by Lt. Betty 12 from the Mars McCoy Space Ranger pulp series. 

AIRSHIP 27 PRESENTS: ALL-STAR PULP COMICS VOL. 3 is available at the following retailers:
Amazon (paperback)
Nash, Baker, Austin

About Lance Star: Sky Ranger “Gods of the Molten Sea”:
Written by Bobby Nash with art by the superstar team of Rock Baker and Jeff Austin:
It started out as a simple supply run to a scientific camp on a small volcanic island. The last thing Lance Star and Buck Tellonger expected was to be captured by an angry local cult as the latest sacrifice to the local Gods of the Molten Sea. Can Lance and Buck rescue the science team and escape before the volcano erupts and kills them all?


A comic book adventure.

Demon Press has released Über-tales - 5 tales of derring-do to shock and amaze you by James Burns. You can purchase it here.

About Über-tales:
Über-tales is a collection of 5 thrilling tales of derring-do. Superhero satire, spy adventures, mythic revenge stories, high-flying WWII adventure and end-times parables — this comic has it all.

Über-tales is a collection of stories drawn by James Burns, and also includes 2 stories written by award-winning writer Bobby Nash.

Included in this collection is “The Crown of Ghengis Kai” a Lance Star: Sky Ranger adventure, written by Bobby Nash with art and colors by James Burns.

Now available here.


A Comic Book by Bobby Nash and James Burns


November, 1941. Ace Air Adventurer Lance Star accepts a dangerous mission into an enemy stronghold to stop the Nazi’s from uncovering plans for a weapon long believed destroyed. Lance flies a solo mission to Kiev where he is to plant explosives and destroy a weapons facility when he runs into an old enemy. Now, Lance is faced with a choice. Complete the mission? Or take down the Sky Ranger’s greatest adversary? He’s only going to get one shot at this. Will he choose the mission or revenge?

Featuring high-flying adventure, aerial dog fights, explosive action, and stunning artwork, Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is pure pulp fun from start to finish.

"Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" is exactly the sort of high-flying, action-packed air war yarn I really enjoy. It's fine pulpish fun from start to finish. Bobby Nash and James Burns are aces!"
-- James Reasoner

LANCE STAR: SKY RANGER #1 - "ONE SHOT!" can be purchased in print and digital editions at the following:
Indy Planet (paperback)
DriveThru Comics (ebook)
iTunes (ebook)

Get your free Lance Star: Sky Ranger "One Shot!" ebook AuthorGraph at


A Comic Book Anthology

(Portion of Profits Goes to Boston Red Cross)

Airship 27 Productions has once again teamed with Redbud Studio comics to release the second in their on-going pulp comics anthology. The first giant issue in this series won the coveted Pulp Ark Award for Best Pulp Comic of 2010.

Volume two of the series, co-edited by creators Ron Fortier and Rob Davis, is even bigger than that stellar premier issue. Contained here are eight stories featuring both modern and classic pulp heroes; Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord, the Black Bat, Cain, Robin Hood, Lance Star, Brothers Bones, Dillon and Domino Lady. 

The cover is by Will Meugniot and features Ki-Gor's lovely mate, Helene, battling back to back with Derrick Ferguson's modern day adventurer, Dillon. Other creators represented are Russ Anderson, Fortier, Davis, Ian Watson, Thomas Deja, Michelle Sciuto, Sean Taylor, Aaron Meade, Todd Jones, Lee Oaks, James Gaubatz, Van Plexico,
Andrew Salmon and Kelly Everaert. 

The book is available from Indy and part of the proceeds are being donated to the Boston Red Cross. "We were the last stages of assembling the book," explains Editor Foriter, "when the Patriots' Day bombings occurred in Boston. All of us, like the rest of the country, were in shock and felt helpless to do anything." It was writer Van Plexico who contacted Fortier about possibly offering some of the sales proceeds to help those injured in the terror attack. "The second Van brought up, I knew it was something we had to do," Fortier continues. He contacted Davis and all the creators and the decision was made to take all the profits earned by the book during its first six months in print and donate them to the Boston Red Cross.

"We truly hope our fans, when they learn of this idea, will want to rally around a truly good cause and help us put sales over the top," adds co-editor Rob Davis. "We really want this to be the best selling title Redbud Studio has ever produced."

AIRSHIP 27 Presents ALL-STAR PULP COMICS # 2 can be purchased in print editions at the following:
Indy Planet (paperback)


A graphic novel by bobby Nash and Rick Johnson

Cover Art: Rick Johnson

Press  Release:


Behind enemy lines, Agent Tom Lupis of The American War Department uses his special skills to thwart the Axis takeover of the world. What makes Agent Lupis such a unique agent is his gift/curse. Tom Lupis is a werewolf. When war breaks out, Lupis and his beastly alter ego agree to work together for
the greater good and end the Axis threat once and for all.

In Operation: Silver Moon, Nazi agents have discovered a long lost army of the undead that they plan to unleash on an unsuspecting world. Agent Lupis is sent in to deal with the threat, which brings him into contact with the vampire lord known as Vlas. Can Lupis and Vlas put aside their ages old differences and work together to stop the Nazi's Army of the Undead?

Operation: Silver Moon is a graphic novel written by Pulp Ark Award Winning Author Bobby Nash with beautiful artwork by Rick Johnson.

Operation: Silver Moon is now available for purchase at the following:
Amazon (paperback)  Take a look at pages from the book at Amazon.
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)
Amazon Kindle (ebook)
More to follow.
ebook coming soon.

Learn more at the official Operation: Silver Moon website.

Published by BEN Books.


BOBBY NASH: Writer-- 
An award-winning author, Bobby Nash writes novels, comic books, and short prose tales for a number of publishers and clients. Publishers including IDW, Moonstone Books, Sequential Pulp Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Random House, Airship 27 Productions, Pro Se Press, Raven’s Head Press, Stark Raving Press, Farragut Films, Dark Oak Press, Radio Archives, and more. Bobby’s most recent offerings include the novels, Alexandra Holzer’s Ghost Gal: The Wild Hunt, Domino Lady “Money Shot”, Snow Falls, and Fight Card: Barefoot Bones as well as work appearing in several anthologies, with many more projects coming soon. Bobby’s first screenplay debuted recently with Starship Farragut’s “Conspiracy of Innocence.” Bobby is a member of the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers and International Thriller Writers. Between writing deadlines, Bobby is an actor & extra in movies and television, including appearances in Deviant Pictures’ upcoming Camp Massacre (formerly known as Fat Chance), FOX’s The Following, USA’s Satisfaction, AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, Dumb and Dumber To, and more. For more information on Bobby Nash and his work, please visit him at and across social media.

Rick Johnson (aka The World's Smallest Giant) is a writer/artist living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Having grown up on a steady diet of comic books and horror movies, he naturally thought he could earn a living in one of those fields. Much to his surprise, life often throws curve balls. So Rick took a “real” job and became a productive citizen. But he never outgrew his love of all things macabre. A few years ago, Rick began self publishing his own brand of horror and science fiction under the banner Phat Daddy Studios Presents. With stories like Bune’s World, LMC-1 and Hard Luck, he continued to refine his approach to graphic storytelling. Operation Silver Moon marked a turning point. Teaming with award winning writer Bobby Nash gave Rick the opportunity to revamp his drawing style. Taking cues from E.C. comics, Warren Publishing magazines, and 40s film noir, Rick injected a new mood into his art. Currently, Rick is providing artwork for the horror web series Upyri and collaborating with writer Sean Taylor on the science fiction tale A Stitch In Time: The Return of The Invisible Man for IDW. He is also working on a follow up to his Phat Daddy Fable Hard Luck.